Agilu, the Leaf type starter monster.

"They often group up to attack nests. One of them acts as a diversion while the other one sneaks into the nest to steal the eggs. If their claws are broken during the hunt, they will regrow in less than a day."

Basic info

  • Agilu is one of the three starter monsters. If you didn't chose him, you can still get it from an Egg, although they are very rare.
  • Attribute: Leaf
  • Agilu can evolve into Chopu after reaching level 5, for 300 Gold
  • Agilu has no pre-evolution
  • You need 5 Rainbow Stones to change the color of your Agilu


Agilu acquires the following Health Points and Attribute Points per level:

Level Health




1 45 2
2 50 5
3 54 8
4 60 12
5 66 16
6 72 22
7 80 28
8 88 35
9 96 43
10 106 50


Agilu will learn the following moves when leveling up:

Level Moves
1 Claws
2 Leaf Cutter
3 Sharpen
4 Dash
6 Guillotine
7 Slash


Agilu has no available Skins yet.


  • Dash is one of the key Moves of Agilu. It allows him to dodge most of enemy attacks. Learn to use it properly as soon as possible.
  • Always keep your Energy above 2E for Dash. This is particularly important If your enemy has powerful moves like Fireball, Nuke Punch or Hurricaine.
  • Sharpen is a very powerful Move, but it will leave you defenceless while it is being prepared. Only use it when your enemy can't land a powerful hit on you.
  • Claws and Slash are very fast and effective against squishy monsters, such as Malkid and flying monsters (don't forget to level up your Normal attribute).
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