"They spend the whole day grazing, because nothing is more enjoyable to them than eating and lazing around. Their mood is completely peaceful unless you annoy them. That’s when they become fearful enemies. Their charge can easily knock down small buildings."

Basic info


Furro acquires the following Health Points and Attribute Points per level:

Level Health




1 70 6
2 77 12
3 85 18
4 93 25
5 102 32
6 113 39
7 124 48
8 136 57
9 150 68
10 165 80


Furro will learn the following moves when leveling up:

Level Moves
1 Headbutt
2 Graze
3 Fury
4 Horn Attack
5 Taunt
6 Stampede



Furro has the following available Skins:

  • Primal Furro (300 Gems)


Furro is greatly underestimated in power and bulk. It can force opponents to make a difficult choice in letting it heal or making it stronger. Be warned however, as its fury move is a double edged sword. Use Furro in this method : 1)keep Furro at the first and style impatient 2) use fury,get a hit from enemy 3) use stampede 4) use horn attack 5)Relax Fury

Recommended Set

Usage Tips

If you want to use Furro to its full potential remember to always have a Fury up. Fury will greatly help Furro dish out big damage while also providing a potent form of healing.

NEVER use Fury into Poison Powder. It may seem nice to have a max Fury quickly, but dont let fury rise more than lvl5 you can no longer control the moves your Furro uses. It will only attack, preventing you from healing. Your opponents can abuse this weakness by interrupting Horn Attack with Sleep Powder and whittling down your HP.

Now let's talk about possibly the best move in the game: Graze. In theory it may not sound good as it doesn’t heal you that much in the first few seconds; however, healing is not it's primary strength. Its strength resides in forcing your opponent to act in some fashion. If you play your cards correctly, you can create a situation with Furro where your opponent has 0 good options. You need to first set up Fury, then use a Graze. Furro ordinarily has a difficult time hitting monsters with evasion, but forcing the opposing monster to make a move first allows Furro to get a guaranteed hit in if timed correctly.

Stampede is a great turbo that does big damage. This move can also be used as a form of pseudo-evasion if needed, as Furro is invulnerable to damage after the first wave of Stampede hits. In addition, if one wave knocks out the opposing monster, the next wave(s) will damage the next monster that switches in.


  • Aviatos - Counter: Due to grazing an Aviatos will have to spend time using a fly or the more expensive hurricane go try to stop Furro from healing this is Furro’s prime moment of hitting a fury boosted horn attack.
  • Ixoru - Counter: The same reason as Aviatos, but this time Ixoru has no way to defend itself. This can be the perfect person to heal up against and to get ready to do more damage to its allies.
  • Lundra - Counter: This match up is not as unbalanced to the other two before it but is still hard for the Lundra both can try to outheal the other but when it comes to actually fighting each other Furro reigns on top.


  • Riubi - Check: The reason Riubi is a check to Furro is because with inferno and jump. This thing can do great passive damage to a fury Furro making it able to widdle it up to zero while preparing a jump beforehand to dodge a horn attack.
  • Shaosage - Check: A Shaosage with meditate sees a Furro as one thing. Set up food. It can easily meditate before Furro gets enough energy to horn attack the Shaosage.
  • Bistrong - Check: This guy can show Furro who is really in charge and will force Furro to give up as it can’t touch this guy without being in danger of being K.O.ed.

Team Options

This thing needs an Ixoru, Geosion, or Shaosage to be able to run dominant in the field. These monsters can defeat every counter he has and he can help him against any counters they have, making them a great team.

Author: Panda64


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