"Over the years, Geosion achieves total control over the magma inside its body, allowing him to turn into obsidian form. It is believed that when many Geosions are in the same place, a volcano will erupt."

Basic info


Geosion acquires the following Health Points and Attribute Points per level:

Level Health




1 70 6
2 77 12
3 85 18
4 93 25
5 102 32
6 113 39
7 124 48
8 136 57
9 150 68
10 165 80


Geosion will learn the following moves when leveling up:

Level Moves
1 Claws
2 Fireball
3 Obsidian Helmet
4 Headbutt
6 Furious Flame
7 Stoned
8 Obsidian Armor
9 Inferno


Geosion has no available Skins yet.

Strategy Guide


Geosion is the best tank in the game due to its obsidian armor. It can take more hits than other monsters can with it and has powerful moves that can be used more times in succession with Geosion’s armor.

Recommended Set

Obsidian Armor, Inferno, Stone, and Furious turbo.

Usage Tips

To use Geosion properly you need to always have an Obsidian Armor set up as it takes a long time for you to set up which most monsters can attack you in or try to set up.

If you have the obsidian amour up almost all of the attacks the monsters do to you will feel like a tiny bug bite and you can easily counter attack. Though remember poison powder and and lumina goes through your amour so do not set it up thinking you can lower the damage of those attacks. Remember a shaosage can do hefty damage to you with a Suicide Stance before you get an Obsidian Armor out so beware.

This is the move all Geosion needs if they want to be successful and that move happens to be inferno. It is the only way a Geosion can touch monsters like Malkid, Ixoru, and other dodgers. Due to this move a Geosion can force monsters to switch as they can do what they were made for while barely being able to hurt a Geosion. There is a downside to the move to use it to its full potential. You need to use it 3 times consistently while making sure it is still up so you can actually damage them. This means most monsters will just switch out to one of your counters and chase you out.

Do you want to do some quick, big damage that may force them to waste energy and go to your inferno. If so stone is the move for you. Stone is more required then fireball as it is less expensive and activates faster. Stone may miss, but it is a good way to make your enemy go deeper in your inferno flames doing big damage.

Now let's talk about Geosion turbo that makes every enemy tremble in fear. Furious Flame. This move does weak damage for being a 2 cost move and for its activation time. But it is its secondary effect that does most is the real thing that carries the move. If the user is below 25% of its max hp this move does double damage. If this thing is paired with an obsidian armor a Geosion can safely do around 120 hp which makes most monsters near K.O range. This move is one of the reasons that Geosion is so dangerous.


  • Malkid Counter: There is no way a Malkid can win a fight against a Geosion if it has inferno. The Malkid is way too frail to survive an inferno and immaterial doesn’t do enough to help it outlast the spamming the inferno.
  • Mosuko Counter: Unlike Malkid a Mosuko is a bit tankier, but due to inferno and its relatively weak moves it can’t touch a Geosion as it takes a lot of damage as well.
  • Aviatos Counter: It moves can not damage Geosion during its soft stage fast enough and then a Geosion can set up an inferno and stone the Aviatos until it faints.


  • Yansama Check: This evil bunny can soften Geosion up so another member of its party can quickly dodge the furious flames and K.O it.
  • Shaosage Check: Any Shaosage player can set up on Geosion and easily get 3 meditates with total ease and then with that do powerful attacks that hit like a truck.

Team Options

If you want a Geosion to perform well you will need an Ixoru who can easily beat all of the people who counter the Geosion and help Geosion get into battle ready to support its allies at those pesky dodgers and scare them away.


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