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"The bottom part of its legs works as a spring, allowing it to reach top speed in a fraction of a second. The petals on its head are incredibly beautiful, but it hates having them touched by humans."

Basic info

  • Attribute: Leaf
  • Ixoru has no evolution
  • Ixoru evolves from Chopu after reaching level 9, for 3000 Gold
  • You need 5 Rainbow Stones to change the color of your Ixoru


Ixoru acquires the following Health Points and Attribute Points per level:

Level Health




1 55 6
2 61 12
3 67 18
4 73 25
5 81 32
6 89 39
7 97 48
8 107 57
9 118 68
10 130 80


Ixoru will learn the following moves when leveling up:

Level Moves
1 Claws
2 Leaf Cutter
3 Sharpen
4 Dash
5 -
6 Guillotine
7 Slash
8 -
9 -
10 -


Ixoru has no available Skins yet.



When most people see an Ixoru they may think of it as the worst starter due to its lackluster turbo. Well unlike the others monsters Ixoru does amazingly well without needing help from its turbo.

Recommended Set:

Dash, Slash, Sharpen, and patient turbo. 8 leaf attribute and 6 normal attribute

Usage Tips:

Let's talk about the cooler claw, Slash. Slash is a 2 cost move that can do 31 damage and comes out very quickly. Paired up with Ixoru It is almost undodgeable and frail dodgers would not enjoy trying to stop him from attacking them. It can also be used to doge stone and meteor rain to hit the users hard without them even touching you.

Let's talk about sharpen. This move takes some time to cast but once you do gain a 50% attack boost to all of your moves. This move can change games  drastically as moves that would normally not kill another monster will now do it. You can now sharpen and 2 shot a Mosuko with Slash. Now you can see that sharpen is nothing to let happen.

You need quick moves that can pretty much doge any move for a cost of 2; then use dash. It can do 22 damage to its opponents. This can be used to dodge anything your mind can imagine especially cookie beam, body slams, freeze, and slash. This move can also be used to beat malkids as it casts fast enough to hit it before it can immaterial.

Checks and Counter:

Malkid Counter: Has anything have to be said at all. A good Ixoru player can focus on a Malkid and use dash at the time a Malkid wants to switch or use immaterial. Immediately after the attack it would sharpen up so the Malkid can’t dash spam.

Bistrong Counter: An Ixoru player can easily doge body slams and use sharpen to increase attacks. It can now do crazy big damage slash and doge cookie beams quite well.

Yansama Counter:  With dash an Ixoru player can quickly doge any chance of an Yansama to Soul Switch and with Slash they can do big damage to the enemy Yansama player.

Geosion Check: A Geosion with obsidian armor will make Ixoru’s move absolite and then bombrade them with inferno making it impossible for the Ixoru to doge it and harm the Geosion.

Triptower Check: With posion powder an Ixoru will take lots of unwanted damage.

Biumi Check: A Biumi player will just grow big and kill itself boosting it next teammate. An Ixoru player can not out damage the Biumi quick enough thus allowing Biumi to set up.

Team Options:

For an Ixoru to do well in a team it needs monsters that can do big damage like Geosion or Riubi.

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