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"It is said that Lundra can navigate space and oceans. This monster is so powerful and rare to see that many people believe its existance is just a legend."

Basic info

  • Attribute: Water / Astral
  • Lundra has no evolution
  • Lundra evolves from Tailuna after reaching level 9, for 3000 Gold
  • You need 5 Rainbow Stones to change the color of your Lundra


Lundra acquires the following Health Points and Attribute Points per level:

Level Health




1 60 6
2 66 12
3 73 18
4 80 25
5 88 32
6 97 39
7 106 48
8 117 57
9 129 68
10 141 80


Lundra will learn the following moves when leveling up:

Level Moves
1 Claws
2 Freeze
3 Healing Bubble
6 Meteor Rain
7 Echo
9 Fly
10 Tailwind


Lundra has no available Skins yet.


Lundra is an amazing defensive monster that can still dish out decent amounts of damage. Lundra is an essential part of any defense-oriented team or defensive backbone, only feeling out of place on hyper-offense teams. Remember to play with that defensive slant in mind, as Lundra is very much a reactionary monster, not a proactive one. Let them come to you and punish their every move.

Recommended Set:

Usage Tips:

  • Healing Bubble is Lundra's most potent defensive tool, providing Lundra longevity that no other monster can hope to match. The healing also forces the opposing monster to throw out attacks, which can then be easily countered by either of Lundra's other 2 primary moves.
  • Keep track of your opponent's energy and use Healing Bubble when they are at low energy so you don't randomly eat a Fireball or Nuke Punch or something for no reason.
  • Fly is Lundra's primary evasion, and should be your go-to the majority of the time. It is faster and cheaper than Freeze, and allows you to gain an energy advantage over many opposing offensive monsters.
  • Freeze deals big damage while also stopping your opponent in their tracks. However, it is expensive and fairly slow, so only use it if you're ahead in energy and the move is guaranteed to hit.
  • Meteor Rain is another great tool in Lundra's kit, as it forces the opponent to either move or eat a freeze effect, both of which Lundra loves. This also adds another thing for your opponent to think about, and oftentimes they forget about the Meteor Rain entirely.
  • Keep track of the timer on Meteor Rain. If the meteor is guaranteed to hit, you can get in an unpunishable Healing Bubble if timed correctly due to the freeze effect.
  • Working around the Meteor Rain timer and knowing when to Freeze instead of Fly are the 2 most difficult and important parts of using Lundra, so be sure to practice both. Those 2 aspects alone will separate good Lundra players from bad ones.
  • You can use Glamsey's 1 Mochi Seed and quickly switch to lundra so you can gain 4-5 charges and easily you can use a Freeze and a Echo to deal atleast 80+ damages.(Top Offensive move)

Favorable Matchups

Checks and Counters:

  • Malkid - Counter: Lundra has no good way to hit Malkid. Even if Lundra does end up landing the occasional hit, Malkid can usually just heal it off with a stolen Healing Bubble. To make it even worse, Malkid absolutely loves to use Lundra's moves with Copycat. Your best option is to hope your opponent messes up and forgets about Meteor Rain so you can land some damage; however, hoping your opponent messes up is never a viable strategy.Another strategy to kill malkid is by using Echo'ed Freeze which is 50% faster and can kill malkid with one hit.
  • Geosion - Counter: This is only the Inferno set. Lundra has an amazing matchup into the Fireball-Stoned variants, but more often than not, Geosion will be running Inferno. Lundra simply doesn't deal enough damage to threaten out Geosion with Obsidian Armor up, allowing it to set up Inferno for free.
  • Ixoru - Check: With slash Ixoru can not only dodge Meteor Rain but do big damage to Lundra. It can also dash freeze if needed. To make matters worse, Sharpen allows Ixoru to easily outdamage Healing Bubble. It has all of the moves to beat Lundra as it is just so offensive.
  • Biumi - Check: Biumi killing Lundra obviously isn't the problem. The problems lies in the fact that Lundra can't ever kill Biumi either. Biumi sets up for free against Lundra, which paves the way for a boosted monster to come in to smash your team.
  • Furro - Check: Furro excels at forcing options out of the opponent, which Lundra hates. Furro rips Lundra out of its reactionary style, making it much more difficult for Lundra to function.

Team Options:

  • Yansama: Yansama is the best monster in the game at destroying Malkid and also does extremely well into Geosion, which Lundra loves. Lundra also does a great job of dealing with the scary offensive monsters that threaten out Yansama.
  • Ixoru: Ixoru also does a great job of dealing with Malkid, while also beating Furro and Biumi (not to mention it's simply a very strong monster in general).
  • Geosion: Geosion is an amazing sweeper for defensive teams, with inferno being able to finish off or straight up kill almost every monster in the game (including Malkid).
  • Furro: Furro is the best monster in the game to add to the defensive Lundra-Malkid core, as it cleanly deals with the vast majority of the monster that threaten those two out. It is also extremely strong at punishing opposing defensive monsters that would otherwise be nigh-impossible to deal with on a more defense-oriented team.
  • Malkid: The Malkid Lundra core cleanly deals with every monster in the game except Yansama, Geosion, and Ixoru. This gives you 3 team slots to provide an answer for those 3 and also just do whatever you want. Malkid also loves to copy Lundra's Turbo with Borrow. After Meteors was nerfed from 5 to 3 hits the Malkid - Lundra combo is not recommended at higher fame matches, while it can still work at lower fame matches.

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