"Malkids are the souls of the most evil human children. When these children dies, dark powers allow them to stay alive in monster form. This allows them to keep making mischief for eternity."


  • Attribute: Evil/Mind
  • Malkid has no evolution
  • Malkid has no pre-evolution
  • You need 3 Rainbow Stones to change the color of your Malkid.


Malkid acquires the following Health Points and Attribute Points per level:

Level Health




1 20 5
2 22 10
3 24 15
4 26 21
5 28 27
6 30 33
7 32 40
8 35 46
9 38 53
10 41 60


Malkid will learn the following moves when leveling up:

Level Moves
1 Shadow Spike
2 Immaterial
3 Copycat
6 Borrow
7 Sacrifice
10 Inferno



Malkid has the following available Skins:

  • Underworld Malkid (900 Gems)


Malkid is one of the strongest monsters in Monster Masters due to its ability to completely invalidate the monsters it counters. However, it is fragile and requires careful control to fully realize its massive potential.

Recommended Sets:

Usage Tips

  • Malkid is amazing as a lead since it isn't really punished by anything other than the rare Impatient Yansama. Malkid lead provides guaranteed safety against an Impatient Moneko lead, and is a great answer to almost all other Impatient leads.
  • The primary thing to remember when using Malkid is to be patient. Don’t be afraid to sit there in Immaterial and do nothing if the situation isn’t safe, especially if you’re ahead on monsters.
  • Use Immaterial frequently whenever the situation is safe to ensure you don’t get caught by a move when it runs out. It is typically safe to use Immaterial again immediately after a move misses you, with the only exceptions being Mosuko, Taishan, Ixoru, Raizaro, and, of course, Yansama. In the first four cases, it’s crucial to keep track of their Energy at all times so you know whether or not you can safely Immaterial.
  • Shadow Spike is great because of its low Energy cost and quick casting. While it doesn’t deal massive amounts of damage, Malkid survives long enough for the damage to stack up. It’s recommended to use Shadow Spike at times when it would be safe to use Immaterial, but unnecessary. It can also be used to quickly finish off weakened monsters.
  • Inferno is the other option for this slot but is much more unsafe. Inferno can kill opposing monsters more quickly, but has a higher Energy cost and leaves Malkid vulnerable for a much longer amount of time, as it must be used repeatedly in succession for it to cause damage. The primary reason to run Inferno over Shadow Spike would be to improve your matchup against enemy Malkids, but most of the time it’s better to run Shadow Spike.
  • Copycat is a great tool against many monsters, but be cautious of the wind-up times of those moves. Pay close attention to your opponent’s Energy, if you’re using a slower move you can be easily punished. However, Copycat is an amazing tool for countering Aviatos, Lundra, and Taishan in particular. It’s not recommended to use it against Raizaro due to the speed and low cost of its moves, it’s much safer to opt for Shadow Spike.
  • If your opponents are switching in and out between a counter for Malkid and something you want to switch Malkid into, don’t get caught making a slow switch into Malkid and eating a Nuke Punch or something from a monster Malkid would normally counter. In other words, don’t mindlessly switch into Malkid if you don’t have enough time to do it safely.
  • Patient Style is the best of the Turbo options, as Malkid should almost always live longer than 17 seconds; thus, it’s the most reliable and consistent way to have access to your Turbo as Malkid. Some great pairings with this are Moneko, Lundra, Riubi, Biumi, and Taishan. Never pair it with Warzero. While it may cause a short burst of damage, keeping Malkid alive will more than likely cause more damage in the long run.

Favorable Matchups

  • Lundra: Lundra has no good way to hit Malkid. Even if Lundra does end up landing the occasional hit, Malkid can usually just heal it off with a stolen Healing Bubble. To make it even worse, Malkid absolutely loves to use Lundra's moves with Copycat. Just be aware of the timer on Meteor Rain and play accordingly, as that's the most dangerous aspect of facing an opposing Lundra.
  • Warzero: Warzero simply has no hope of ever hitting Malkid. The only move that can potentially cause some problems for Malkid is Energy Ball, but if you're keeping track of your opponent's energy, Energy Ball isn't really an issue either.
  • Bistrong: Similar to Warzero, Bistrong has no good options to actually hit Malkid.
  • Moneko: Malkid essentially locks Moneko out of using its Turbo and Kattogan, as the Moneko would almost instantly die as a result. Kattoball would be a decent option to hit Malkid, except for the fact that Malkid can counter-spam it for 0 energy.
  • Mastodon: Mastodon is yet another unfortunate monster on the list that can never hit Malkid.
  • Shaosage: Shaosage isn't fast enough to hit Malkid without boosts from Meditate, but Shaosage greatly struggles to actually set up since Shadow Spike is so fast.
  • Cryptorb: Cryptorb has the same exact issues as Shaosage, just be wary of Deceive.

Counters to Malkid:

  • Malkid - The Malkid ditto has a lot of variables, for two evenly matched Malkids without an available turbo will simply spam their free Shadow Spike until either you or your opponent make an error.
  • Raizaro - Although it requires decent timing, a competent Raizaro user is able to capitalize on the monster's high speed to take a Malkid down with Slash or chip away at it quickly with Claws
  • Ixoru - Ixoru excels like no other at swiftly striking a monster, being able to instantly hit Malkid in the middle of it using Immaterial with Dash, even being able to kill Malkid in one Dash if the Ixoru has Sharpen active.
  • Mosuko - Another fast monster, Mosuko is able to repeatedly use bug bite whilst Malkid Immaterializes or prepares to Shadow Spike.
  • Riubi - Riubi not only has the ability to reflect Shadow Spikes with Mirror, but is also capable of using inferno to completely invalidate a Malkid by creating instant damage.
  • Geosion - Any Geosion you face is very likely to have Inferno, in which similar to Riubi it will fully counter Malkid with it's high offensive pressure. Malkid is also unable to inflict any significant damage to a Geosion through it's high health and solid Obsidian Armor.
  • Triptower - Triptower's ability Dizzy Dance ushers Malkid a death sentence by poisoning it and leaving the spirit unable to switch out, inevitably ending in the Malkid's demise. A quick Triptower user is also able to Sleep Powder a Malkid to guarantee a Poison Powder forcing the enemy to lose their Malkid or switch into a counter for Triptower
  • Yansama - Yansama at it's core will always win a 1 vs 1 battle against a Malkid, for its sole attack Lumina ignores Immaterial, making a Malkid unable to evade its attacks and leaving the evil spirit to die.

Team Options

  • Shaosage: Shaosage has a great matchup into Geosion, Riubi, Raizaro, and, most notably, Yansama. Shaosage can threaten out these monsters and can clear the way for Malkid to stomp uncontested through a team.
  • Warzero: Has the same great matchups as Shaosage and is a stronger monster in general, but it’s notably worse against Yansama. Due to its high health, Warzero can potentially help set up an opposing Yansama sweep if it isn’t careful. However, Warzero still handily beats Yansama if handled properly.
  • Moneko: Moneko's Turbo is indisputably the strongest in the game, so why not have 2? Copying Paw with Malkid’s Turbo can often be devastating.
  • Yansama: While Yansama may be Malkid’s deadliest foe on the battlefield, Malkid has amazing matchups against Yansama’s most prolific counters: Shaosage, Warzero, and Mastodon. Yansama also cleanly deals with Ixoru, which is one of Malkid’s more problematic counters.
  • Riubi: Copying Riubi's Mirror with Malkid’s Turbo can give Malkid slightly better game against Yansama, as Lumina can’t go through Mirror. However, this doesn’t magically solve this matchup for Malkid, so make sure that’s not your only reason for running Riubi.
  • Taishan: Taishan is one of the best opening leads for an impatient Malkid turbo, for it allows the Malkid to instantly incapacitate any opening threats to itself or swiftly eliminate any opposing opening Malkids with ease. If the opponent is to open with Riubi or Yansama then you are able to use Taishan's Headshot to stun the target to safely switch into a counter for the enemy monster.

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