Monstermasters Wiki

Monsters are unique creatures you can use to form your team and duel with other players. There is a total of 56 monsters available for all players to be collected and evolved.


# Name Attribute 1 Attribute 2
001 Agilu Leaf
002 Chopu Leaf
003 Ixoru Leaf
004 Volcub Fire Rock
005 Gravulcan Fire Rock
006 Geosion Fire Rock
007 Drala Water
008 Tailuna Water Astral
009 Lundra Water Astral
010 Skyro Normal Wind
011 Maskaero Normal Wind
012 Aviatos Normal Wind
013 Poichu Leaf
014 Poiporo Leaf
015 Triptower Leaf Rainbow
016 Shelmet Water Rock
017 Turcone Water Rock
018 Mastodon Water Rock
019 Monki Ki Fighter
020 Gorwer Ki Fighter
021 Warzero Ki Fighter
022 Monfu Fighter
023 Browbro Fighter
024 Shaosage Fighter
025 Bonbon Food
026 Choob Food
027 Bistrong Food
028 Larbite Bug
029 Moscoon Bug
030 Mosuko Bug Wind
031 Furrito Normal
032 Furro Normal
033 Malkid Mind Evil
034 Tinyx Electric
035 Voltrex Electric
036 Raizaro Electric
037 Moneko Ki
038 Biumi Rainbow
039 Rubibi Fire
040 Riubi Fire
041 Taishan Normal
042 Yinchan Light
043 Yanyin Light Evil
044 Yansama Evil
045 Witorb Mind
046 Cryptorb Mind
047 Glinut Leaf
048 Nutle Leaf
049 Glamsey Leaf
050 Gochaw Food Rock
051 Degnaw Food Rock
052 Craveroc Food Rock
053 Quium Astral Water
054 Lium Astral Fire
055 Wormam Bug Rainbow
056 Goloria Bug Rainbow

Leveling Up

Leveling up your monsters is the most common way to make them more powerful. You can level up your monsters from the monster menu, by tapping the "Level up" button. You must have enough Gold and EXP for this to happen.

  • When leveling up, a monster will increase its Health Points and Attribute Points
  • When leveling up, a monster may learn new Moves. See Monsterdex above to learn which Moves your monsters can learn.
  • Max level is 10

The amounts of EXP and Gold required to reach each level are the following:

Level EXP Gold
1 0 0
2 5 15
3 10 25
4 15 60
5 20 85
6 30 130
7 50 200
8 80 300
9 120 450
10 180 650
Total 510 1915


You can evolve your monsters by tapping on the level up button from the monster menu. When a monster has reached its evolution level, the button will no longer display the "Level up" text. Instead, it will display the "Evolve" text. After evolution, you can continue leveling up your monster.

  • When evolving, a monster will get a large increase in its Health Points and Attribute Points (larger than the level up increase).
  • When evolving, a monster may also learn new Moves. For example, when Tailuna evolves into Lundra, it automatically learns the move Fly.
  • Once a monster has evolved, it can't recover its previous form.
  • Not all monsters can evolve. See Monsterdex above to learn more about each individual monster.


Moves are actions that monsters can perform in battle to defeat the enemy monster. Moves are learnt upon leveling up or evolving. You can check find complete information about them at the Moves page.


Monsters can be customized in two ways:

  • Combat customization:
    • Moves: you can equip up to 4 different Moves before battle.
    • Attribute Points: these points are used to power up your equipped Moves. For example, if you equipped Fireball to your monster, you will assign your monster's Attribute Points to Fire Attribute to make your Fireball stronger. However, sometimes you will equip your monster with Moves that have different Attributes. In these situations, you will have to decide how you will distribute the points between the two (or more) Moves.
    • Style: this is the condition that allows your monster to use Turbo during battle. Depeding on which Style you select, your strategy may change.
  • Non-combat customization:
    • Rainbow Stones: these are used to change the color of your monsters. They will not affect the combat power of your monster, just provide a unique look!
    • Skins: they allow your monster to have a complete new look. They don't affect the combat power of your monster.