"Always up for a blood bite, Mosukos can be really annoying. They are so insatiable they don’t perceive danger correctly. Many Mosukos are crushed by those they were bullying."

Basic info

  • Attribute: Plant / Wind
  • Mosuko has no evolution
  • Mosuko evolves from Moscoon after reaching level 3, for 300 Gold
  • You need 1 Rainbow Stone to change the color of your Mosuko


Mosuko acquires the following Health Points and Attribute Points per level:

Level Health




1 28 6
2 31 12
3 34 18
4 37 25
5 41 32
6 45 39
7 49 48
8 53 57
9 58 68
10 64 80


Mosuko will learn the following moves when leveling up:

Level Moves
1 Bug Bite
3 Fly
4 Life Leech
5 Sharpen
6 Bloodlust
7 Sacrifice
8 Tailwind



Mosuko has the following available Skins:

  • Airforce Mosuko (500 Gems)


Despite Mosuko’s appearance it can  signally destroy more a lot of monsters and is still weak to that many itself.

Recommended Set:

Fly, Bug Bite, Life Leech, and furious turbo. Max leaf rest is invested in wind.


If you want to make sure your Mosuko doesn't get one shot or die in a two stun combo you will need to fly. Fly is like dash, but a bit slower but more offensive. It can doge many costly moves which are needed to combo or kill Mosuko in just a few seconds. This is its only purpose as others move is better at finishing weak targets while saving more energy. Also note it won’t save you from everything especially poison powder and inferno.

Now it is the move that most people seriously underestimate, bug bite. It is a zero cost move that comes out quick and can do 10 damage. It is amazing at finishing weak targets and dogging stones and meteor rains with ease. Despite the fact it may sound like it is the only good of Mosuko then you are sadly mistaken.

Here is Musko's best move which is Life Leech. It is a move that will start at 10 and increase in power every second while healing you Mosuko health much in damage. It can be canceled if pressed again or if hurt during the leeching phase. This move allows Mosuko to build up in damage quickly killing most monsters while healing itself insanely fast. This allows Mosuko to stay in battle a long time. However, watch out for monsters that have strong multi hit moves like lumina, inferno, or all the arrows.

Here is the part you may be waiting for: Mosuko's turbo Bloodlust. It has the effect of healing you Mosuko for that damage it does and if it leeches it heals double. This is a dangerous move for the opponent as fly can now heal him for 24 and he can bombrade the oppnents with bug bite healing 10 each and there is no reason to not use this move when needed.

Checks and Counter:

Malkid Counter : It can easily punish Malkid with barrages of bug bite making it impossible for malkid to attack with its frail nature even with immatertial up.

Bistrong Counter: Mosuko can easily doge body slam while doing big damage to Bistrong with life leech. Even if Bistrong has fury up it will quickly get to max and then Mosuko can leech away trapping and killing Bistrong.

Shaosage Counter: With Life Leech Mosuko can stop Shaosage from meditating and with fly it is near impossible for a Shaosage to hit it unless it is willing to use an acrobatic kick on it. That would be a bad waste for a turbo as well as if the Mosuko player is able to react quickly it can dodge it and you will be taking huge damage.

Mastodon and Lundra Check: The reason I am putting them together is because both can 2 hit kill Mosuko and with Lundra healing bubble and fly and Mastodon fury it can do it quicker or healthier.

Geosion and Riubi Check: Once again they are both together as inferno makes it impossible for Mosuko to Leech and Jump or obsidian armor make fly almost useless.

Triptower Check: With poison powder Mosuko can’t leech and if you get a leech root you can heal back hp well doing big damage to the frail Mosuko.

Team Options:

Musko needs people who can beat the most random of monsters which requires you to use so many different team members like Ixora for Mastodon and Ribui. Yasama for Lundra, geosion, and Triptower. If you don't have them your Musko will be unable to cause havoc on your enemy team.


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