Monstermasters Wiki

Moves are the actions a monster can perform during battle. A monster can equip a total of 4 Moves at the same time, although it may be able to learn more when leveling up.

Moves can be classified in two categories:

  • Common: these are the regular Moves monsters can use normally.
  • Turbo: this is the special Move of your monster, and the most powerful one. It can only be used once per battle. Learn all about them at the Turbo page.

Moves can be powered up by increasing the level of its Attribute. For example, if your monster has Fireball equipped, you can power up its damage by leveling up for your monster's Fire Attribute level. This can be done in the Attribute tab of the monster.

  • The majority of Moves increase its power when you level up its Attribute, but not all of them do. For example, Sharpen always increases your damage by 50%, no matter what your level of Normal Attribute is.
  • Only one parameter of the Move is improved when you level up its Attribute.

List of Moves

Name Attribute Category
Acrobatic Kick Fighter Turbo
Aftershock Electric Common
Arrow Normal Common
Arrow to the Knee Normal Common
Bite Food Common
Bloodlust Bug Turbo
Bloomsday Plant Turbo
Blueboo Rainbow Common
Body Slam Normal Common
Borrow Mind Common
Bug Bite Bug Common
Claws Normal Common
Cookie Beam Food Common
Copycat Mind Common
Cruncherize Food Turbo
Dark Ritual Evil Turbo
Dash Plant Common
Deceive Mind Turbo
Defensive Stance Fighter Common
Dig Rock Common
Dizzy Dance Rainbow Turbo
Earthquake Rock Turbo
Echo Astral Common
Electrify Electric Common
Energy Ball Ki Common
Evil Eli Evil Common
Gigavolt Electric Turbo
Graze Normal Common
Hardened Shell Rock Common

Healing Bubble Water Common
Hungerage Food Turbo
Immaterial Evil Common
Final Rush Ki Turbo
Fire Eli Fire Common
Fireball Fire Common
Fly Wind Common
Freeze Water Common
Furious Flame Fire Turbo
Fury Normal Common
Guillotine Plant Turbo
Harmony Rainbow Turbo
Headbutt Normal Common
Headshot Normal Turbo
Horn Attack Normal Common
Hugify Normal Common
Hurricane Wind Common
Inferno Fire Common
Jump Normal Common
Kattoball Ki Common
Kattogan Ki Common
Ki Regen Ki Common
Kick Fighter Common
Leaf Cutter Plant Common
Leech Root Plant Common
Life Leech Bug Common
Lightweight Wind Turbo
Lumina Light Common
Meditate Mind Common
Meteor Rain Astral Turbo
Mirror Normal Turbo
Mochi Seed Plant Common
Nuke Punch Fighter Common
Obsidian Armor Rock Common
Obsidian Helmet Rock Common
Paw Normal Turbo
Phoenix Fire Common
Pin Bug Common
Piropiro Seed Plant Common
Planet Astral Common
Poison Powder Plant Common
Psi Mind Common
Puffbuff! Rainbow Common
Rainbow Eli Rainbow Turbo
Redhead Rainbow Common
Rock Eli Rock Common
Tailwind Wind Common
Taunt Normal Common
Sacrifice Evil Common
Scare Evil Common
Shadow Spike Evil Commom
Sharpen Normal Common
Shell Rock Common
Shock Eli Electric Common
Slap Normal Common
Slash Normal Common
Sleep Powder Plant Common
Soul-Switch Evil Common
Stampede Normal Turbo
Stoned Rock Common
Suicide Stance Fighter Common
Super Ki Regen Ki Common
Vortex Astral Turbo
Water Eli Water Common
Yellowmellow Rainbow Common