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Rainbow Stones are magical stones that can be given to your monsters to change their colors. You can get Rainbow Stones by:

  • Opening Boxes. See the Box page for more information.
  • Buying them at the Shop with Gems.
  • All players get one free Rainbow Stone at the end of the tutorial.

When you give a Rainbow Stone to your monster, all its colors change randomly. There is no way to know in advance how the colors will change. You only know after the Rainbow Stone has been given to the monster.

  • Once you have given a Rainbow Stone to your monster, you can choose to equip this new color setting, or equip the original. You have a total of 3 slots for recolors. If you want more recolors, you will need to overwrite the existing ones.
  • All recolors last forever and your monster keeps them after evolving
  • Recoloring cost is different for each monster. You may need 1, 3 or 5 Rainbow Stones depending on the monster. See each monster page for their individual cost.
  • Recoloring cost is the same for all the Skins of the monster.