"This legendary monster is able to concentrate the electric current in its body to reach incredible high temperatures. This allows Raizaro to dominate fire.


Basic info


Raizaro acquires the following Health Points and Attribute Points per level:

Level Health




1 70 10
2 77 18
3 85 28
4 93 40
5 102 55
6 113 75
7 124 95
8 136 115
9 150 135
10 165 140


Raizaro will learn the following moves when leveling up:

Level Moves
1 Claws
2 Electrify
4 Aftershock
5 Slash
6 Gigavolt
10 Fireball


There are 2 general playstyles that people use when using Raizaro. The first strategy people use is a projectile type of strategy where Raizaro uses aftershock and once the enemy is shocked the player will begin to charge fireball, a decently effective strategy especially if timed right. The second strategy is a offensive strategy where Raizaro constantly attack your enemy with claws and slash and paralyzing them with said slash and claws thanks to Electify


Your basic run of the mill claws. You don't really want to use claws for the first strategy but it's a perfect move with the second strategy constantly paralyzing the enemy.


This is the perfect move for the second strategy being able to paralyze your enemy whenever you attack, but it isn't good when using the first strategy.


This paralyzes your enemy for 1 second after a few seconds, this is the perfect move to use with the first strategy, but not the second strategy.


This move is usually used in both strategies being able to deal lots of damage for 2 energy and can paralyze with electrify.


This is a move that will deal insane damage for only 2 energy, but it does have a decently long windup so you need to use it wisely and get your timing right or else you will be giving your enemy time to dodge it and counter attack


This is the main damage dealing move for the first playstyle, it has a long windup but deals lots of damage, so use it wisely and you can quickly take out an enemy.


Raizaro has no available Skins yet.

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