Monstermasters Wiki

The Shop is unlocked upon completing the tutorial. It offers EXP, Boxes, Gold, Rainbow Stones, Gems, and some free gifts.


Daily offers change every 24 hours. They include:

  • Free gift from developers. This can be a free Battle Box, some free Gold or some free Gems.
  • EXP bundles. You can buy 10x EXP for some monsters in your collection. The price for 10x EXP bundle is 100 Gold.


You can purchase some boxes at the Shop. To see their content, check the Box page.

  • Big Box: contains great amounts of EXP and Gold. Can be purchased for 500 Gems
  • Mega Box: contains massive amounts of EXP and Gold. Can be purchased for 1.000 Gems.


Gold is used to level up and evolve your monsters, and also buy EXP. More information about it can be found at the Gold page.

  • Pouch of Gold: 200 Gold pieces for 80 Gems
  • Bucket of Gold: 2.000 pieces for 500 Gems
  • Wagon of Gold: 20.000 Gold pieces for 4.500 Gems

Rainbow Stones

These are magical stones you can give to your monsters to change their colors. You can learn all about them at the Rainbow Stone page.

  • 1x Rainbow Stone for 100 Gems
  • Pouch of Rainbow Stones: 10 Rainbow Stones for 500 Gems (2x value)
  • Bucket of Rainbow Stones: 30 Rainbow Stones for 1.000 Gems (3x value)
  • Wagon of Rainbow Stones: 100 Rainbow Stones for 2.000 Gems (5x value)


Gems are the premium currency of Monster Masters. They can be used to buy all kind of goods. See Gem page for more information.

  • Handful of Gems: 80 Gems for 1,09€
  • Pouch of Gems: 500 Gems for 5,49€
  • Bucket of Gems: 1.200 Gems for 10,99€
  • Barrel of Gems: 2.500 Gems for 21,99€
  • Wagon of Gems: 6.500 Gems for 54,99€
  • Mountain of Gems: 14.000 Gems for 109,99€