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Skins are different aspects a monster can get. Skins don't affect the power of your monster, only the looks. You can unlock Skins from the monster customization window. All Skins can be unlocked with Gems.

List of existing Skins

Below there is a list of the current existing Skins. You can find an illustration of each one of them in the corresponding monster page.

Monster Skin name Gems
Cryptorb Lotus Cryptorb 500
Glamsey Sakura Glamsey 500
Goloria Relic Goloria 600
Mosuko Airforce Mosuko 500
Moneko Incognito Moneko 900
Malkid Underworld Malkid 900
Craveroc Underworld Craveroc 900
Riubi Wild Spirit Riubi 500
Biumi Genie Biumi 300
Warzero Primal Warzero 900
Yansama Cursed Yansama 500
Shaosage Shaosake 600
Skyro, Maskaero, Aviatos Exotic 500
Mastodon Relic Mastodon 900
Furro Primal Furro 300

Additional info

  • After evolution, your monster keeps all Skins. For example, if you unlocked a Skin for Skyro, when it evolves into Maskaero, this evolved monster will still have the Skin.
  • When you unlock a Skin, you can select whether to equip it or not. The original monster aspect is always available.
  • You can use Rainbow Stones on all Skins! The amount required is the same as original monsters. For example, you need 3 Rainbow Stones to change the color of your Riubi. The amount needed to change the color of your Wild Spirit Riubi Skin is also 3.