Monstermasters Wiki

Styles are the conditions that allow a monster to use Turbo during battle.You can chose the Style of your monster in the Style tab (the Style tab is visible only after the monster has learnt its Turbo). All monsters can learn all of the Styles. Right now, the learning levels are the same for all monsters.

List of Styles

Name Level Learned Icon Description
Patient 8
Turbo is enabled when the your monster stays in Battle for 17s straight.
Furious 6
Turbo is enabled when your monster's health is lower than 50%.
Impatient 7
Turbo is enabled when the Battle starts, and is disabled after 10s.
Victorious 10
Turbo is enabled your monster defeats an enemy monster.
Avenger 9
Turbo is enabled when 3 or more of your monsters have been defeated.