"Yansama is the final form of the evil spirit that was once locked in a soft toy. All its power is unleashed, but it still looks like a bunny!"

Basic info

  • Attribute: Evil
  • Yansama has no evolution
  • Yansama evolves from Yanyin after reaching level 10, for 5000 Gold.
  • You need to give him 3 rainbow stones to change the color of your Yansama.


Yansama acquires the following Health Points and Attribute Points per level:

Level Health




1 70 7
2 77 14
3 85 22
4 93 30
5 102 38
6 113 48
7 124 58
8 136 80
9 150 92
10 165 105


Yansama will learn the following moves when leveling up:

Level Moves
1 Lumina
4 Soul-Switch
5 Sacrifice
6 Dark Ritual


Yansama has the following available Skins:

  • Cursed Yansama (500 Gems)



You guys may still remember Yansama as the cute little bunny who would probably do nothing wrong to you. and now it will hurt people WITHOUT CARING.

Recommended Set:

Lumina, Sacrifice, Soul Switch, and patient turbo.

Usage Tips:

Let's talk about the move that everybody knows Yansama spams; Lumina. This move starts off really weak for its cost and time but can quickly get out of hand for the opponent if left untaken of. It can build power quickly and sweep teams. However you need to cast lumina quickly because if you don't use it after a bit. This move is even more powerful as it pieces through projectiles, armor, and immaterial. This can also be used to stop grazing and meditating.

Also if you like healing yourself while damaging them, then Soul Switch is the perfect move for you. This is a 3 cost move that will give you the power of switching hp with your opponents. This move will help Yansama to stay in battle for a long time while probably lowering your enemies hp to a very low point. You may be wondering how you will get this move quickly. Well, there is a certain move that will help you with that.

If you need to quickly regain energy while for sake of losing 25% of your remaining hp then Sacrifice will help you with that. This move pairs up perfectly with Soul Switch as it allows him to have a more devastating soul switch.

Checks and Counters:

Malkid Counter: Lumina pierces through immaterial. A Yansama above 60% will always win against a Malkid.

Lundra Counter: A Lundra may be slightly annoying for some Yansama players, but it is highly in the bunny’s favor. Even if it is a bit low hp it can still soul switch it enemies which will do big damage to the enemy and will be very good for you.

Biumi Counter: A Yansama can easily harm itself by sacrificing itself to a vert low amount of hp and then set up a soul switch when Biumi uses puff buff which will greatly be a disadvantage to the next monster.

Taishan Counter: Taishan is much too frail and can not do too much damage as it is getting beaten up by lumia after lumia builds up its damage to sweep.

Ixoru Check: An Ixoru with slash can damage the Yansama, with dash it can dodge Yansama's soul switch, and finally with sharpen it can increase its attack by 50%, being able to do more damage to Yansama.

Shaosage Check: A Shaosage with sucide stance can easily scare away a Yansama with Acrobatic Kick or by doing big damage to is before its Lumina builds up.

Bistrong Check: As long as the Bistrong has taunt it can defeat Yansama with a body slam as it can’t switch out nor soul switch it. However if the Bistrong doesn’t have it, the Yansama will just sacrifice itself and then soul switch switching to a dodger to beat the Bistrong.

Mastodon Check: Hardened shell reduce the damage of lumina, while lumina spam build up the level of Mastodon Fury until he has enough energy, speed and damage to kill yansama before he can even Soul Switch his HP. And even if he is able to soul switch, he can still die to the next stoned. Also earthquake is able to oneshot Yansama, so that you don't need to take any risk with fury and stoned spam.

Team Options:

A Yansama really only needs one ally which is a Lundra or an Ixoru

which pair up perfectly together.


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